Important Notes

  • CATALooK.netStore < v6.1.6 only: Problem: The AJAX animation just spins and the page hangs after e.g. the 'Add To Cart' or ‘Checkout’ command. Error message: 'Incorrect loading of an “Ajaxified” user control'. Solution: If DNN runs on IIS7.X (Windows Server 2008 etc), set the application pool for the DotNetNuke web site to 'Classic' managed pipeline mode (Classic.NET AppPool) in the IIS site base settings or turn off the 'Enable AJAX?' option on module CAT_StoreSettings (CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings) or in the module options (Select 'View Options' from the module menu).
  • The CATALooK.netStore package includes the trial versions of the following Telerik RadControl DLLs: RadAjax.Net2.dll, RadCalendar.Net2.dll, RadGrid.Net2.dll, RadInput.Net2.dll, RadMenu.Net2.dll, RadSpell.NET2.dll and RadComboBox.Net2.dll. The trial version of the controls is fully functional for an unlimited period of time. The difference between the trial and the purchased (developer) version is that the trial version will randomly display a copyright message, advising the user that he is using a trial version. This message will not be displayed if the trial version dll’s are used by the CATALooK.netStore modules,  but if you already use another module/skin with Telerik controls where the full versions (developer versions) of the dll’s are included, you will need to re-install it to replace the trial version dll’s by the full version dll’s. This way if you have a developer version in another module, it will not be broken.
    All RadControl dll's must be from the version that is used by your currently installed CATALooK.netStore version. You can find the version number in the download link description e.g. 'v5.8.1 AJAX,
    Telerik Q2 2008,DNN5.X'.
    If there is any reason why you can't use the RadControl version that is used by CATALooK.netStore please add both versions of the RadControl assemblies in the machine's GAC. This way both versions can be referenced.
  • DNN4.7.0, 4.8.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2, 4.8.3:  A bug in the DNN installer of the latest DNN versions can cause timeout problems in installing the module: CAT_Modules if you have portals with a lot of pages and modules.
    Error message: 'Server Error in '/' Application. Thread was being aborted' or 'ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted'.
    Here you can find a fix:
    You could also perform the instructions from the next point to fix timeout issues.
    If it doesn’t help, you must unzip the module: CAT_Modules, copy and paste the CAT_Modules folder two or more times, split the dnn module definitions file: CAT_Modules.dnn from each folder (delete the parts which are already included in the dnn files of the other folders), create ZIP files of each and upload them separately. You don't need to remove any files from the folders before you create the ZIP files even if there are no references to the files in the changed dnn files. Also you don’t need to change the folder and ZIP file names. You can also request the divided modules by email from . Please include the number of the currently used CATALooK version in your request.
  • If you get any errors while uploading pa-modules or importing and exporting products, orders etc., this may be caused by a slow internet connection or your provider has limited the maximum amount of time for a script to execute. To fix this, you can use also the ftp method to install the modules: Ftp the 3 pa-module files to /Install/Module folder and then give a command at the /Install/Install.aspx?mode=InstallResources \PA-Modules, or perform the steps below
    • Change this line in your web.config: <forms name=".DOTNETNUKE" protection="All" cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="60" /> to <forms name=".DOTNETNUKE" protection="All" cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="600000" />
    • Add green marked parameter to the httpRuntime section of the web.config and change the red marked parameters:   <httpRuntime useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="true" maxRequestLength="2097151" requestLengthDiskThreshold="50000" executionTimeout="9000" />
    • Here you can find more information: Timeout Error

If there was a timeout while uploading the module and the module is now listed with the new version number in: Host -> Module Definitions -> CATALooKStore -> Version, it is necessary to change the version number to the old CATALooK.netStore version number that was installed before the update. Please execute the following script via Host -> SQL (Turn off the 'Run as Script?' option) to reset the version number:
update {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}desktopmodules

set version='XX.XX.XX'   

where FriendlyName='CATALooKStore'

update {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}packages
set version='XX.XX.XX'   
where FriendlyName='CATALooKStore'


Replace XX.XX.XX by the CATALooK version number before the update or 00.00.00 if this was a new installation.

  • If the following error will be displayed if you try to upload store portal template files or any other files via Host -> File Manager or Admin -> File Manager you must perform a File Sync: Host or Admin -> File Manager -> Synchronize Files (with and w/o activated ‘Recursive’ option). Error Message:
    Error: Upload File is currently unavailable. DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. At DotNetNuke.Modules.Admin.FileSystem.WebUpload.cmdAdd_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) --- End of inner exception stack trace ---#...
  • DNN4.7.0 only: The host file manager is not working in this version. Files and folders do not show up, and you can not upload files. Therefore you must ftp one of the store portal template files from folder \StorePortalTemplates into the Host Root folder: \Portal\_default.
  • If the following error appears on uploading the CATALooK.netStore store portal template files: 'The File ...\Portals\_default\CATALooKnetStoreDNN.template Is A Restricted File Type. Valid File Types Include ( *. swf, *.jpg, ...). Please Contact Your Hosting Provider ...' you must add 'template' to Host -> Host Settings -> Other Settings -> File Upload Extensions.
  • Please don't place the module catalookstore on any PAGE. This module is obsolete and contains frames. It is still in the package because it installs and updates the database. Please use all frameless modules instead as you can see at: (CAT_SearchNF, CAT_MenuNF, CAT_ItemPaneNF, CAT_LangSwitcher and CAT_DashBoard).
  • Use the pa-modules for a clean installation or to update versions from v03.50.00 forward. Ensure that no version < 03.50.00 is installed (Host -> Module Definitions -> CATALooKStore -> Version).  If you try to update a version before the v03.50.00 it will delete and reinstall the complete CATALooK.netStore database!
  • Remove all modules except the CATALooKStore and CAT_StoreSettings modules if you have already installed a demo version < v3.55 (Host -> Module Definitions -> Delete module) before you start the installation of this version. This is not necessary if your current version number is > 3.54.
  • We received some support requests in the past that the following error appears: ‘site can not be loaded’ if one moves the mouse pointer over the solpart menu while the page is being loaded. This is caused by a bug in older DNN skins. Here you can find more information: Please add: DelaySubmenuLoad="True" to the solpart properties. Don't use the DelaySubmenuLoad="1" as described in this post. All included DNN skins and the solpart menu control of module CAT_MenuNF already include this property and will work well. (fixed since DNN3)

  • Don't change the default value for module cache time of the CATALooK modules. If there is a value > 0, the page will be loaded from the cache also if there is a redirection and the URL was changed. DNN only checks if the tabid was changed in the URL but not if there is a new parameter e.g. 'productid' if you click on a product in the list to display the product detail page. This happens all the time for non authenticated users and not so often if you are logged in. Select 'Settings' from the module menu, go to: 'Page Settings' -> 'Basic Settings' and set 'Cache Time (secs):' = 0.
  • If the thumbnail images are not displayed in the product lists of module CAT_ItemPaneNF and CAT_DashBoard, check if the compression options in the performance section of the Host Settings page are turned on. If yes, you must enter a list of excluded Mime Types (e.g.: image/gif, image/jpeg etc.) into field: 'Excluded Mime Types:' (Host -> Host Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Compression Settings -> Excluded Mime Types:) and click on the 'Update' link button in this section.
    If Admin -> Site Settings -> Advanced Settings -> SSL Settings -> options: [SSL Enabled?] and [SSL Enforced?] are turned on, calls to the thumbnail generator will be rejected by DNN. To fix this, use any other SSL module for DNN e.g. the SSL manager from Tom Thorp or turn off the [Secure?] option for all DNN pages with CAT_ItemPaneNF and CAT_DashBoard modules or instead of selecting a file, select ‘URL’ from the [Link Type] selectors and enter the full URL to the image files. Since the v05.06.00 images will be automatically displayed with the URL if the [SSL Enforced?] option is turned on for for pages with the CAT_ItemPaneNF, CAT_DashBoard and CAT_Cart modules. But this could slow down your site if there are large image files.
  • DNN4.5.3 and 4.5.5 only: Don't use the following function: Admin -> Pages -> Add New Page -> Copy From Page. This will result in many problems.
  • After setting up/installing or importing items you have to delete all cookies (Extras ->Internet Options) on your computer from which all these operations are carried out since the Java tree stores its condition in a cookie. If you don’t do so, a Java error appears before switching to another node.
  • After switching from one DotNetNuke portal to another and trying to register an error (DotNetNuke update error) can appear. This can be prevented by logging out correctly or deleting cookies.
  • There is no module for running the price agent table. However, you can interrogate the priceagent table under host ->SQL with select * from priceagent or delete the table with delete * from priceagent. If price dates apply with the customers´wishes, the price agent gets activated when updating items. After clicking on an update link or when importing products it possibly will last some time until all mailings will have been sent to customers. Please do not press the update button more than once but wait until the progress bar of the browser disappears. The Price Agent functionality can be turned off via option on the CAT_StoreSettings module (CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings -> Show Price Agent Button).
  • DNN5.1.4 issue: Many field help texts are not visible. Please find all at: login testuser5/testuser5 or unzip into the DNN \bin folder. This dll from DNN 5.1.4 includes a fix for the Help Text bug.
  • DNN5 issue: If there is an error message on checkout after you have updated from DNN4 to DNN5: Check if there are any languages enabled in admin -> languages. If not, enable the language locales there again and select a language for all portals of this DNN installation via: Admin -> Site Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Other Settings -> Default Language -> Update.
    DNN5: error message after update on the page with the CAT_Cart module
  • If there is an error message 'Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index' or 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' on the page where the module CAT_Cart is located, please check if there is any other error message like this in Admin -> Evenet Viewer: 'Message: System.Web.HttpParseException: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\69dae1a3\e3857219\App_Web__googlecheckout.ascx.37546475.mov4v8qn.0.vb(93): error BC32206: The project currently contains references to more than one version of GCheckout, a direct reference to version and an indirect reference (through 'CATALooK.GoogleCheckOut.GCheckoutButton1') to version Change the direct reference to use version (or higher) of GCheckout.'
    This means that there is an older version of the GCheckout.dll in the \bin folder of this web site. Please delete this file and re-install the module CAT_Modules.ZIP. This module includes the latest GCheckout assembly version.
    Often this happens if someone copies the dll manually into the \bin folder. After that the file permissions may change and the DNN installer is not longer able to overwrite the file by a newer file version that is included in a module. Or maybe you have installed another module before that includes this old GCheckout version.